On the road again for 2016! We had a tremendously supportive turnout to our poster presentations at the Eleventh Annual Congress on Brain Injury discussing Emergency Preparedness and demoing our video Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic. Inspired and motivated by the interest we have seen, we are now […]

Brain Injury Video Update

Great article in the Washington Post from Thursday, August 7. BRAVE Publications has been following the development of such sensors, and it is interesting to see both sides of the argument from parents of players and the Loudoun County School Board. The parents are concerned with the safety of their […]

Concussion Sensors on Football Helmets

BRAVE announces National Concussion Management Certification Center (NCMCC) Sponsorship Here at BRAVE, we are proud to announce our sponsorship of the NCMCC’s first National Concussion Protocol Conference. The NCMCC empowers athletes, parents, and academic institutions to secure appropriate and knowledgeable concussion care by certifying healthcare professionals’ credentials and athletic programs’ […]