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Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic – Caregiver Edition

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Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic, is the acclaimed video journey through the brain both before and after injury featuring noted psychologist Dr. Harvey E. Jacobs.

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Acquired brain injury is a leading cause of death and disability, yet few understand its causes or effects.
Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic guides viewers on a journey about brain injury – its causes and effects on people who are injured and those around them. Narrated by experts in the field and supported by interviews with people who live with brain injury, this video was created for a broad audience including students, clinicians, caregivers, attorneys, policymakers, people with injury, as well as others seeking information about brain injury.

The Brain is an Integrative Organ
By reviewing key brain structures, viewers learn how changes in neurological function following brain injury practically affect daily lives; as survivors of brain injury witness the challenges and successes they face.

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Questions about ordering? Call us at 703 850 4944.

Additional Information

Running Time

Approximately 51 minutes

Video Format

16:9 NTSC


English with Closed Captioning


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