2013-07-29 NCMCC Seal - 12 expanded - adjustedBRAVE announces National Concussion Management Certification Center (NCMCC) Sponsorship

Here at BRAVE, we are proud to announce our sponsorship of the NCMCC’s first National Concussion Protocol Conference. The NCMCC empowers athletes, parents, and academic institutions to secure appropriate and knowledgeable concussion care by certifying healthcare professionals’ credentials and athletic programs’ concussion protocols. Developed with leading experts in sports medicine and concussion management, the NCMCC’s certification system ensures that all parties involved in athletics, from coaches to medical personnel, have received the education needed to properly manage a concussion and return the athlete safely to play. BRAVE’s founding principle of improving the quality of life of persons with brain injuries through education makes us a perfect partner for the NCMCC, and we are particularly proud that our founder, Cindy Daniel, is able to bring her years of disability advocacy and compliance experience to the NCMCC team.

The August conference is a gathering of America’s most outstanding athletic trainers at Oklahoma State University in order to discuss the state of concussion management in academically sponsored sports programs in the US. The conference is invitation only, but you can follow its planning and proceedings here!! We will soon release all the specific details as they are finalized.