Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic

Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic - Professional Edition - DVD package

The first movie of the education film series Brain Injury, the latest film Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic guides viewers on a journey about brain injury—its causes and effects on people who are injured and those around them. Narrated by experts in the field and supported by interviews with people who live with brain injuries, this video was created for a broad audience including students, clinicians, caregivers, attorneys, policymakers, people with injury, as well as others seeking information about brain injury.

Many survivors of brain injury can appear to be completely uninjured in their day-to-day lives. However, altered brains often result in persistent hidden challenges that have dramatic and adverse effects on their daily life. Just as advances in neurology have improved the survival rate of those who sustain a brain injury, improved understanding of these injuries by laypersons and professionals will improve recovery and reintegration of brain injury survivors. By exploring the cases presented in this video and tying them back to today’s understanding of the brain, this silent epidemic is given a new voice that can speak to people unfamiliar to brain injury.

The film comes in two versions:

This is the basic edition of Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic. Designed to give laypersons a walkthrough of the brain before and after injury. This edition of the video is currently for sale individually, but will soon be available in bulk.

This special edition of Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic is indexed so viewers can focus on overall brain function or select video segments to learn about specific areas of the brain and localized effects. This is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to present concise information on specific aspects of brain organization and function.

Free Printable Tools

Approximately 54 million people in the United States—a nation of 311 million—have some type of disability, and their safety in a disaster entails a specific form of preparedness. Created by the Cindy Daniel, the  National Disability Coordinator of FEMA, this 4×4 poster outlines the best practices for creating a disaster plan that accommodates persons with disabilities

This easy to understand handout is a basic introduction to traumatic brain injury and concussion. It defines the injury and outlines national statistics for TBI and signs of concussion. Created for the layperson with little to no experience with the injury, it is a superb tool for familiarizing the general public with this silent epidemic.